Infrastructure Monitoring Website in collaboration with UBS

Created a web application to help UBS easily check the health status of services and their underlying infrastructure (servers, applications, databases).

The web application provides 3 layers of information - high-level, mid-level and low-level.

  1. High-level displays the health status of services.
  2. Mid-level displays the network of all infrastructure powering that service and a geographical map of where they are located.
  3. Low-level displays the problem logs of the infrastructure (if it experiences any error) and metric logs.
This web application is powered by a data pipeline ingesting, transforming and loading data every 5 seconds from the monitoring tools.

Leader, Developer in a team of 5.

Tech Stack for Data Pipeline
  • Azure Virtual Machines (deployment of servers, web app, database)
  • Prometheus (monitoring tool)
  • Zabbix (monitoring tool)
  • Apache Nifi (data ingestion)
  • Azure Databricks (data transformation)
  • Azure Data Lake Gen 2 (raw data storage)
  • Azure SQL Database (web app database)
Tech Stack of Web App
  • Vue.JS (frontend)
  • Flask (backend)
  • Azure SQL database (web app database)
  • Pytest (unit and integration testing)
  • Github Actions (CI pipeline)
  • Firebase (user authentication)
Github URL: Project Link